Call to artisans – 2017 edition


Options and costs

Teepee (Festival property)
$75,00 per day
Lighting included
No power supply
Tables and chairs not included

10′ x 10′ covered space
$35,00 per day
Electric outlet for auxiliary light (15 amps)
Tables and chairs not included

Personal structure
$30,00 per day
No power supply
Tables and chairs not included




*The term festival site used in the form refers to the enclosed grounds of the festival and its parking lot.

Le festival

  • Innu Nikamu takes place in the Innu community of Mani-Utenam (Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam) 14 kilometers from Sept-Iles, in Eastern Quebec.
  • The 33rd edition of the festival takes place from August 3 to 6 2017.
  • Innu Nikamu attracts between 8,500 and 15,000 people during its four days.


Regulations & advices

Your registration does not include any individual access to the site. You will need to buy your daily wristband via one of our desks at the entrance.

The total payment for your stay must be made as soon as you arrive on the site. No refund in the event of premature departure.

The sale of sweets such as candy, lollipops, candy cane and chewing gum is prohibited on the site.

Encourage use different bins for waste and recyclable to your customers. We would be very grateful!

Our electrical outlets can only withstand 15 amps. Overuse causes a jump of the circuit breaker and cuts power to all stands/kiosks on the festival site. It is therefore necessary to check the compatibility of your equipment and describe it in the Use of electricity section for the form below.

Any sollicitation on the festival site outside your stand is prohibited. Indeed, it is only permitted within your teepee or your own installation/structure.

For several years now, our canteen is operated by the Commission of Sports and Leisure of the community and reaping the profits. In the concern not to interfere in their activities, we do not allow our tenants the sale of bottled water, soft drinks, coffee, juice and fast food.

We naturally prioritize kiosk proposals related to Aboriginal culture. For exemple, we encourage artistic performances on the spot, any demonstration of skills, tasting/sale of Aboriginal food and sensibilisation to causes that affect First Nations, without limitation. Be creative and original!

In the desire to bring to visitors a rich cultural offer throughout the event, we prioritize registrations for a presence of 3 days or more.


By sending us your completed form, you consider these tips and regulations and agree to comply with them.

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